The Evolved Education Company Tutor Training Series




The Evolved Education Company Tutor Training Series guides tutors in developing their tutoring practice using the Evolved tutoring model. It’s a useful resource for both new tutors and tutors with experience in the field.

Our goal in this training is to provide tangible actionable items that you can apply to your own tutoring practice, regardless of subject or grade. The training consists of five video sessions:

  • Session 1: Rapport Establishes Trust (14 minute video)
  • Session 2: Trust Allows Assessment (14 minute video)
  • Session 3: Assessment Informs Objectives (7 minute video)
  • Session 4: Objectives Create Lessons (12 minute video)
  • Sessions 5/6: Lessons Build Skills & Communication (12 minute video)

NOTE: this series is freely available to all Evolved team members and contractors. Please email your administrator for details.