Dyslexia, A Guidebook for Parents Whose Child Has Received this Diagnosis




Your child is one of a kind. Your child has a learning disability that affects how they learn to read, write and communicate with language. It affects them in ways that are not typical for mainstream education, but this is all a socially constructed situation, so if you just tweak your mindset with me, you will realize that your child with dyslexia is exactly who they are meant to be and it is up to us, the adults, the education system, the world at large to invite their beautiful brains to the table.

As you set forth to read this book, please know that I have been in your shoes. I have two children with dyslexia, and I have worked with countless other children and families who have received this diagnosis. What I have offered here is a concise guide for not only how to understand dyslexia but also how to treat it, how to parent children with it, and how to amplify the strengths.