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Raising a child from nursery school through college involves encountering many confusing questions and making many difficult decisions. Our 360 degree approach, examines all aspects of a student’s learning experience and customizes the solution and support needed to ensure the whole child learns well. Whether you need to know how to help your child learn to read, learn to study, train your tutor, work with your school, or find a best-fit school, our team at Evolved Education Company provides access to the expertise you need, when you need it.  

Our tutoring, offered by experienced educational specialists, provides an essential human connection. As trusted adults, our tutors assess to understand your child’s total learning experience and potential. Students are seen and understood. They are taught with aplomb. They receive innovative, personalized tools that improve their learning well beyond the tutoring session. Our team approach ensures your family always has a powerful support system for your child’s education. 

Within nursery-high school placement, your child is the most important person. We understand them. We understand you, their family. Based on your child’s unique gifts and challenges, we create a wish list of the schools that would best-fit them. We guide you through each stage of the admissions process, catering our support to your exact needs. We are experts in NYC public and private nursery through high school placement. While we know this landscape best, as  our families have moved to California, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Georgia, as well as to the UK, France, Italy, India, Japan and Singapore, we have followed them to ensure that their children receive the best school placements possible. No region is off limits. Our value is the time we save you, the space we create for  you to explore your own ideas for your child’s education, and the expertise we offer to ensure that you step forward in a way that best suits your child’s and family’s desired results. 

When it comes time for college placement, our team surrounds your child early on – as early as sixth grade in some cases – to ensure that they are engaging in activities and personal development that suit their interests in higher education. We intimately get to know your child and family. Our access to college counselors is unparalleled. As many schools move toward test-optional models for admission, we offer a myriad of ways to specialize applications – including pre-college placement, sports camps, and internships or paid work. Our academic coaching allows students to have space to reflect and to plan for their future academic endeavors. All of this strengthens their ability to attract a worthy higher educational institution. 

Our Evolved families return to us time and time again from around the globe to book our family education consultations. These consultations support families with the time and expertise to process a recent diagnosis, a school transition, or a bump in the road. Our innovative, forward-thinking approach is captured in the myriad of free resources available on our website, such as our e-books, podcast, YouTube Videos, digital courses, and blog. 

Our mission is for students to learn well. We cannot wait to actualize this vision with you and your family.

— Mary Miele

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What do We Offer?

Test Preparation

We deliver the results your child needs while also ensuring they learn and study efficiently. Our specialties include: ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, ACT and SAT Preparation. To sign up, either fill out this form or book a call with us using the link above.

Subject Area Tutoring

We cover content as well as how to learn at the fullest potential. Areas we tutor include: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, History, World Languages (all levels). To sign up, either fill out this form or book a call with us using the link above.

Special Education Tutoring

Goodbye to overwhelm, frustration, and confusion. Hello to confidence, joy, and pride. Our special education support boosts underdeveloped skills for parents and students alike, which causes all kinds of great feelings. To sign up, either fill out this form or book a call with us using the link above.

School Placement Advisement

Our remarkable approach to consulting will forever impact the way you parent, support your child and apply to schools. Your child will evolve as they connect, learn and grow within a school placement plan that was made just for them. We advise from Nursery School through College, Worldwide and Specializing in NYC and Tri-State Area N-12 Placement. To sign up, either fill out this form or book a call with us using the link above.


 We provide comprehensive education-based assessments within areas of executive functioning, reading, writing, math. We also offer the Mindprint Assessment and Mock Testing in a 1-1 setting. To sign up, either fill out this form or book a call with us using the link above.

Parent & Professional Education & Resources

As the global leader in tutoring and education consulting, we provide the highest possible level of support that you will find anywhere. Our parent support is modern, informative, and comprehensive. Whatever your question, we have ideas and solutions to offer! Our tutor training and professional development programs ensure the whole child learns well by supporting the professionals who work with them. Click here.

If you’re wondering if tutoring is right for you, or you’re looking for a guide to help you through private school admissions, check out our e-books!

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