Strategies Are Your Superpowers: Executive Function Strategies for Middle and High School Students

Strategies Are Your Superpowers is a comprehensive guide to executive function coaching for middle and high school students. Executive function skills are critical for success in academics, career, and life, but many students struggle with attention, impulsivity, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and other executive function skills. This book provides a practical, evidence-based coaching model and a library of strategies to help students develop these skills and reach their full potential.

The coaching model presented in this book integrates the latest research in cognitive psychology, education, and coaching.

The library of strategies included in this book consists of over 25 evidence-based techniques that can be used to address specific executive function challenges. These strategies are organized by skill category (e.g., attention & impulsivity, working memory, and cognitive flexibility) and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of individual students.

Strategies Are Your Superpowers is a practical and user-friendly resource for educators, coaches, and parents who want to support middle and high school students in developing executive function skills.

book cover
book cover

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