Evolved Education Company's Tutor Training Program 2022

Our Values

Tutors and students work within a professional and trusting relationship.

The aim of any tutoring program is to evolve a student with the development of skills, strategies, and stronger understanding.

Master tutors have a deep toolbox and rich skillset. They can assess in multiple ways. They have various approaches to teaching. They have communication skills. They manage their time and materials well. They display proactive and collaborative problem-solving. They understand both school and home educational environments and the complexities of the learning experience as it relates to academics, learning, social-emotional-physical development.

Parents, the paying client, deserve to have trained tutors who deliver solutions to root issues students have within their learning experiences.

Content training is not the focus of this training program. We believe smart teachers and tutors can easily acquire content such as the content for a standardized test, a classroom curriculum, or an enrichment program.  Instead, this program focuses on building skills related to building relationships, assessment, instruction, communication, and professional best practices for tutoring. The result is training that is one of a kind in the landscape of the tutoring industry, and one that forever impacts the tutors who are delivering the most important aspect of the tutoring business.


Program Details

There are concepts and skills to learn: There are three weeks of mandatory classes to attend which are offered in a pre-recorded video format. These classes teach key concepts and skills and a curriculum. A digital workbook and supporting materials accompany the course.


We believe tutors learn best on the job and as they are able to implement the concepts and skills taught: Each participant is matched with a 1-1 instructor. This instructor meets with the participant over an eight-week period 1x a week to offer coaching and implementation advice. These 30-minute sessions are held over Zoom.


Tutoring is ever-evolving as education, parents, teachers, and students are ever-evolving. Thus, we hold quarterly study group offers where enrolled participants can attend to further their learning within modern, relevant tutoring topics. This is included within the cost of the program for one year following the initial training program.


There is an optional certification process. To obtain a certification with Evolved Education Company, participants must have attended at least four 1-1 meetings with their instructor, taken all of the classes offered, submitted a video of a lesson to obtain feedback from their instructor, written up a follow-up document to that observed lesson, and passed a written take-home exam. Certification requires an extra fee of $465. To keep certification current, participants must attend at least two quarterly study sessions offered by Evolved Education Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this training prepare someone for? It prepares a person to have the concepts and skills to be a successful whole child tutor. The key concepts are covered in the How to Tutor book found here. In addition, our classes cover relevant topics within child development, learning strategies, special education, parent & teacher communication, and professional tips and approaches.

Who teaches the classes? Becky Reback and Mary Miele teach the classes. Learn more about us here.

Who meets with me 1-1? Becky Reback or Mary Miele meet with you (you are placed with just one of us depending on your availability).

What technology do I need to have in order to access class materials and calls? You’ll need access to Google Docs and Zoom.

Do I have to become certified with EEC? You can train with us and decide not to complete the certification.

What if I decide later to become certified with EEC, can I do that? Yes, you have one year to become certified after completing your training.

How much time will this program take me? You’ll have approximately six hours of classes to watch. You’ll do about three hours of reading and responding. You’ll meet with Becky or Mary for a total of four hours over an 8 week period. Certification takes many more hours: you’ll need to tape a tutoring lesson, review your instructor’s feedback, write up a response, and take an exam. To keep your certification current, you will need to attend two of the four quarterly meetings with our organization per year. (Quarterly meetings are also offered asynchronously with an accountability questionnaire.)

What if I am not sure this training is right for me, is there a trial period? You may have a call with Becky or Mary to ensure this program is right for you before you register. Email Becky to set this up at becky@evolveded.com. Once you register, there are no refunds granted.

Training for Tutoring Companies

If you have a tutoring company and wish to have your tutors trained within the Evolved Education Company Tutor Training Program, please email Becky Reback at Becky@evolveded.com to set up an introductory call.