Navigating the college admissions landscape can be overwhelming and challenging for parents and students, but not for EEC families

We offer access to college counselors, travel planners, educational coaches & learning specialists as well as writing specialists.

Our four year support allows your family gains support along the journey of high school in a manner that fits your exact needs.

How it works:

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  3. Then book services with ANY of our educational providers at ANY TIME! All work is conducted by the hour at on your own schedule as you need it.

College Counselors

  • Can work with you to cross check or create you college list
  • May help students to learn about college or university admissions rubrics
  • Can support students to develop activities and skills to fit with a particular higher education opportunity

Learning Specialists

  • May meet with your child to develop stronger strategies to study, learn, manage time, write a paper, strengthen advocacy or executive functioning


  • May work with your child to ensure they are learning well in each of their classes, or may preview a course in the summer or on breaks

Test Preparation Specialists

  • May prepare your child for exams such as SAT or ACT.

Writing Specialists

  • May help your child to craft or polish their college application essays

Travel Planners

  • Can specifically plan each of your college visits – taking care of literally everything from transportation, to accommodations, to scheduling tours, to an extra-visit itinerary, to specific ways to make the most of your school vist, to what you should be wearing – all our clients have to do is name the schools they want to go to, their budget for the trip, and when they want to go. We take care of the rest!

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