It is not enough for us to tutor the subject, we want to Evolve the student in the class to learn how to learn the subject.

We are interested in building knowledge, mastery, and inquiry.

This happens when you have a tutor who is skilled in the area of study.

As they study their subject, our tutors encourage students to learn about their brains, how they learn best and how to advocate for themselves.

In this way, our students become capable learners for life.

Early Childhood (2 years old to 4 years old)

  • Enrich your child’s early cognition with our early childhood experts.
  • Pre-reading and math are made fun for every child.

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Elementary (Kindergarten to 5th Grade)

  • Our reading tutoring allows students to engage in all areas of reading. Our tutors can assess and source text that is at your child’s level. We believe that reading should be fun, engaging, and successful.

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  • Whether your child is learning arithmetic, geometry, or problem solving, we allow students to have meaningful math experiences through weekly tutoring sessions with educators.

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  • When school is not enough for what you want to provide your child, Evolved Education company can provide enrichment services to further your child’s learning in any area of your choosing.

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Middle School

  • We have tutoring programs available for every subject that students take in middle school.
  • Sciences, history, English, math, second languages, technology tutors are available to not only teach the subject but also EVOLVE the student.

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High School

Our tutoring services span every subject that students take in high school.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • History
  • Math
  • Science
  • World Languages

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