Integrated EF Coaching Training (middle and high school level)




Course Title: Integrated EF Coaching Training Series for Middle and High School Levels

Course Description:

The Integrated EF Coaching Training Series for Middle and High School Levels is designed to provide educators, coaches, and parents with a comprehensive understanding of executive functioning (EF) and the tools needed to develop EF skills in middle and high school students. This course consists of four modules, each with a specific focus on EF coaching.

Module 1: Background information

This module provides an overview of executive functioning, its relevance in learning and academic success, and where it happens in the brain. Students will learn about the correlating functions involved in EF, such as attention, organization, planning, and self-regulation.

Module 2: Research

This module discusses the research that supports executive functioning and teaching and learning. Students will learn how to implement this research into the coaching routines and develop strategies that address specific EF skill deficits.

Module 3: Integrated EF Coaching Routines

This module provides a detailed explanation and modeling of the integrated EF coaching routines, which include Connection and Investment, Assessment, Instructional, Integrated Coaching, Strategy Development, Recall & Independent Use, and Communication. These routines are circular in nature, and students will learn how to effectively implement them to support students’ development of EF skills. The course also includes a robust strategy library and specific instructional videos to enhance student learning.

Module 4: Resources for continued development and learning

In the final module, students will be presented with a range of resources for continued development and learning, including links to relevant research, books, and other instructional materials.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of executive functioning in learning and academic success
  • Identify specific EF skills and deficits in middle and high school students
  • Develop and implement effective EF coaching routines
  • Utilize a range of EF strategies to support student learning
  • Continue to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of EF coaching

This course is suitable for educators, coaches, and parents who work with middle and high school students. No prior knowledge of executive functioning or coaching is required, although basic computer and internet skills are necessary.