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It’s the most magical time of the year!

The beginning of the school admissions process in New York City!

It is the time during which families explore the myriad of exceptional schools available to students.

It is the time during which families complete applications, attend interviews, and visit schools.

It is the time during which students are assessed and discovered.

Yes, it is a magical time.

It is also, though, a time of work and many uncomfortable feelings. Applying to schools is a lot of work! And, it often is riddled with confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, and high hopes.

This is where we come in…

With a team who knows this process intimately and who can support your child and family to:

  • understand your child
  • determine the best-fit school
  • guide the navigation of the admissions process
  • develop the written words used to describe your child
  • support your efforts in the ways you need to have a successful process

To begin, we offer you a few key tips to get you started with a strong foundation.

  1. Writing about your child is a task most families work hard on. Great writing involves great content. Take some time before you begin to zoom out a little and see your child. Who is your child in the classroom? Who is your child on the field or on the court? Who is your child with their friends? If you need some help, our Early Childhood Assessment and 360 Assessment can help with this part too.
  2. Admissions officers have a great desire to connect with you and your child. They want to hear from you and form a relationship with you. Invest in this relationship by attending all of the events offered, writing to the staff, and offering yourself fully during interview opportunities.
  3. Preparation is GOLD when it comes to any part of this process. The worst feelings come after a faulty interview or test. Interview preparation and mock testing are key ways to ensure success during these essential admissions components.
  4. In February, when you have results, it is important to look back and know that you put forth your efforts during the process in the best way possible for your child and family. Let’s have our goal as we enter the month of September to have ‘no regrets’ as we pursue educational opportunities for our child(ren).


We are here to help!

Caitlin Hasson

Randi Dumont

Becky Reback

Mary Miele