As the academic landscape continues to evolve, one question persists: Why should a student prepare for the SAT or ACT in 2023? With an increasing number of colleges adopting test-optional policies, it’s a valid inquiry. However, there are compelling reasons why investing in SAT or ACT preparation remains a valuable choice.

1. University and College Requirements:

It’s crucial to recognize that despite the test-optional trend, numerous prestigious universities and colleges still require SAT or ACT scores for admissions.

In 2023, this included renowned institutions such as MIT, Georgetown University, University of Florida, Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue University, University of Georgia, United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, United States Military Academy at West Point, Thomas Aquinas College, and New College of Florida.

If you aspire to attend these institutions, SAT or ACT preparation becomes essential.

2. Demonstrating College-Readiness:

Standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT serve as a powerful tool to showcase a student’s mastery of key college preparatory level academic skills.

This becomes particularly valuable if your high school doesn’t offer advanced courses or courses with the same level of rigor as the colleges you’re applying to.

Impressive test scores can bolster your application and demonstrate your readiness for higher education.

3. Skill Development and Preparation:

Beyond admissions, preparing for and taking standardized tests offer several advantages.

Firstly, it hones valuable skills such as studying, academic proficiency, and executive functioning.

Managing emotions is an integral part of the test-taking experience, requiring strategies to cope with anxiety and maintain focus during extended periods of testing.

Additionally, students who invest in test preparation gain valuable insights into how to approach and succeed in standardized testing.


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