Admissions notifications for private schools typically vary in their handling process and timeline, but in general, private schools notify applicants about their admission status by email or application portals. It’s important to note that each school may have its own unique process and timeline for notifying applicants, so it’s best to check with the specific school for more information.

If you are accepted to a private school, you have a window of time to sign your contract. Here is some advice on how to use that time:

  • Ask questions about the school and its fit for your child and family.
  • Revisit the school if possible.
  • Speak with parents and teachers at the school or other school community members.
  • Read the contract thoroughly to ensure you agree to all terms. Note specifically the “binding” date for your tuition.
  • You have time to sign your contract, so do not feel rushed to do so, but if you do not feel you will accept the contract, it is a consideration to deny the contract so that the school may move applicants from the wait pool.

If you’ve been placed on a waitlist for a private school admission decision, here are some ways to handle it:

  • Stay in touch with the school: It’s important to keep the school updated on your continued interest and any new information, such as changes in your family’s circumstances or academic achievements.
  • Be patient: Waitlists can take time to clear, and it’s important to remain patient and not harass the admissions office with constant updates.
  • Consider your options: While on the waitlist, it’s a good idea to research and consider other school options as well.
  • Be flexible: If you receive an offer of admission from a school you’re waitlisted at, be prepared to accept it immediately and make necessary arrangements, such as enrolling in summer classes or moving to the area.

Remember, being placed on a waitlist does not guarantee admission, but it does mean that the school is still interested in considering you for admission if a spot opens up.

If your child is rejected from a school, take this advice, but also feel free to call us for more specific ideas.

  • Understand that anytime your child is rejected from anything, you (as a parent/guardian) may have an emotional reaction. Use support and strategies to regulate your emotions before you talk with your child about the rejection. Evolved Education Company Consultants can provide space for you to do this.
  • A rejection is not always about your child or their qualifications. At times, other qualifiers prevent a student from being admitted, such as age, gender, temperament, or readiness for the program. Thus, be careful about internalizing your assumptions about why your child was rejected. You will often not know why, but of course, you can ask- which leads us to our next piece of advice!
  • Inquire if you can learn more about the reasons for rejection. Find out if your current school director could call, if your independent education consultant could call, or if you can call.
  • SOMETIMES, a rejection will be overturned with additional information and advocacy. It’s rare, but it has happened as this is a human process, and sometimes a piece of information is overlooked or misinterpreted. I love to tell the story of how we once had an applicant coming from overseas. The grading system there was quite different than in the US. The private school misinterpreted the grades, and when we called to ask about the rejection, the school learned about the grading system and reversed its decision! However, please know that most of the time, rejections are not overturned, so it is also important to go to the next piece of advice!
  • Make a Plan B! Rejections could lead you to the BEST possible outcome if you allow the process to move you to another option. This is where Evolved Education Company can help. We can create a Plan B for you that is even better than your Plan A!

No matter what ends up being the result of your private school admissions process- from nursery school through pre-kindergarten to elementary school to middle school to high school to boarding school to college, we are here with the experts who understand your child and family and the school landscape. We’ll ensure you are in the best position to make your best decision!

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