EP #45: Book Talk: Strategies are Your Superpowers

Mary Miele faces the camera and asks the audience to join the conversation.

Mary Miele has developed strategies that help students to build their ability to attend, have impulse control, use memory, and have flexible thinking. You can learn about this resource and the coaching available at Evolved Education Company.

How to Tutor

book cover

Tutoring is a billion-dollar industry. Much of it involves standardized test preparation and content-based training for tutors. This book, built on my 25+ year career as a learning specialist, outlines a model for tutors that they can use to ensure the whole child learns well. It shows tutors how to tutor in a way that will be most impactful, especially as we enter test-optional admissions processes and a successful learning experience. Tutors can use this book to frame their practice, retain students, and empower students to learn well.

A Parent’s Guide to Tutoring

Every single parent, myself included, wants our children to be happy. Educational success is often a key component of this overall happiness.

We hope that our children are attending great schools packed with concerned, passionate, and attentive teachers, and that when they come home from school, they are able to reach into their backpacks, pull out the day’s homework, and complete the assignment with confidence. If that scenario sounds like a pipe dream, you are not alone. Sometimes our children struggle and need support neither you nor their regular teacher can provide. This is where tutoring steps in to fill the void.

EP #37: What is it like to be tutored at Evolved Education Company?

During this episode, Becky Reback and Mary Miele talk about the executive functioning model, how it was created, and ways parents can use it to improve their child’s executive functioning at any age. The model includes four pillars: academic research, areas of inquiry and instruction, assessment and strategy creation and skill mastery.