As high-stakes standardized tests like the SSAT and ISEE become integral components of the admissions process for prestigious schools, students often focus solely on content review and test-taking strategies. However, incorporating Integrated Executive Function (IEF) Coaching into test preparation can significantly enhance performance and reduce test anxiety. Let’s explore how to seamlessly integrate the development of EF skills into SSAT and ISEE preparation for optimal results.

1. Assessment

Begin by learning about your executive functioning. Is your brain able to focus? How much working memory do you have? Do you have flexible thinking? 

Get a profile of your brain and know what executive functioning you have and what you have to strengthen. Email Becky Reback in order to set up an assessment.  

2. Coach While Students Are Prepping

EF skills are developed as students do their work. Take out the vocabulary list you need to learn or the math you have to practice. Learn and apply strategies to improve focus, working memory and flexible thinking while you do your work with the ISEE or SSAT.

3. Keep a Record of Your Vulnerable Contexts and Strategies; Review Often

Maintain a list of situations in which you needed a strategy. Name the strategy and document how it was used. Take a video or picture of yourself using the strategy. Review this list by teaching it back to your IEF Coach.

4. Incorporate “Outside Organizers”

Use accommodations such as a to-do list, calendaring, and organization of items to help your student manage the test preparation process.

If you would like to learn more about Integrated Executive Function Coaching, check out our EF Institute.

To get set up with Test Preparation Tutoring along with Executive Function Coaching, book a call with Amy Nathan, Head of Student Services.