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Evolved Education Company offers guidance, support, strategies, and solutions for your child’s best educational journey.

Your Education Experts

Our extensive array of services and direct industry experience enable us to take a comprehensive approach and offer resources to tackle any challenges related to education.

Services Offered at Evolved:

Evolved Education Company provides comprehensive assessment services to evaluate students’ academic skills, learning styles, and areas for improvement. These assessments are expertly designed to inform tailored educational strategies that enhance student performance and academic growth. Through a detailed understanding of each student’s unique profile, Evolved Education ensures that educational interventions are precisely aligned with their needs.

Evolved Education Company offers personalized tutoring services tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. Their approach integrates a comprehensive understanding of educational development, focusing on enhancing both academic skills and overall student well-being.

The School Placement service at Evolved Education Company meticulously assesses each student’s unique learning criteria alongside the family’s specific desires to create a tailored list of best-fit schools. Experienced school consultants collaborate closely with families to develop a strategic application plan, providing comprehensive support throughout the application process. This personalized approach ensures that students are optimally positioned for acceptance into schools that will nurture their academic and personal growth.

Evolved Education Company offers specialized education services designed to support students with diverse learning needs. Our instruction and advocacy services involves research-based approaches and interventions that address specific challenges, ensuring each student can thrive academically and socially. By partnering with families and schools, Evolved Education creates a supportive ecosystem that promotes the success and well-being of students requiring special education services.

The Executive Functioning Institute at Evolved Education Company specializes in strengthening focus, working memory and flexible thinking. This institute provides targeted strategies and tools to help students manage their time effectively, prioritize tasks, and improve their overall academic performance with coaching and parent/educator support.

Expert Team

Our team of industry professionals excels at providing guidance and implementing strategies and solutions to help families navigate the complexities of education.

Our Total Education Approach

We view every child as an individual. Our total education approach ensures that every child we coach – every family we counsel – is presented with possibilities which encompass the 24-hour learning experience of a student- at home and at school. Possibilities that open a colorful range of life paths.

Education Consulting

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