From Nursery to College: Your Ultimate 2023-2024 Resource Guide for Student Success!

Welcome to Evolved Education Company, where your student’s learning journey is nurtured and supported with utmost care. As parents, we understand how crucial providing the best opportunities for our children’s education and well-being is. At Evolved, we have built a community of dedicated educators committed to helping your child succeed from the nursery stage through college.

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to actualize your child’s well-being as they progress through their educational journey. Every student is unique and has their own set of strengths and challenges. That’s why we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each individual, ensuring they receive the support they require to thrive academically and personally.

Tutoring, Integrated Executive Function Coaching, and Test-Preparation

Provided at home or virtually by educators, informed by our Evolved Education Tutor Training – based on rapport, assessment, strategic, evidence-based instruction, and communication.

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School Placement Advisors

Public and private educational programs in New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, Westchester, and select regions across the country and abroad are known by our growing group of Evolved School Placement Advisors.

Nursery through High School and Boarding School.

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Supporting Students Once In School

Education consulting in our SOLUTIONS division provides parents with support for any concern, question, or issue that arises while their child is in school from Nursery-College, including Special Education Planning.

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Learn about your child’s brain, executive functioning profile, and career interests. Have mock testing and pre-application assessments. Engage in academic assessments to find out about academic skill mastery.

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College Counseling & College Starter Series

Our college counseling begins with our college starter series, which involves assessment, intake, an initial school list, and an admissions strategy. Perfect for upper middle and high school students, this service sets a best-fit course for your students in their higher educational planning. In-house and referrals are created to connect students with the best-fit college advisor & writing specialists during college admissions. We also advise on sports recruitment.

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Evolved Education Teaching School 

Teachers are essential professionals in our students’ lives, and to ensure students learn well, we have created a series of professional development opportunities for educators to ensure they are at their best. The Monthly Membership to the Teaching School provides access to a monthly live talk on a subject of interest to teachers. Our courses and training in the Integrated Executive Function Coaching Model, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, Special Education, and School-Based Training are all available for teachers, schools, and organizations.

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Teachers can join the Teaching School, or donations for memberships can be made HERE.


We offer a series of books to support our families and educators.

See a complete list of them HERE.

10 Steps To Private School Admissions Success by Mary Miele has just been updated for the 2023-2024 Season.


Our monthly podcast is for parents and educators who wish to learn about topics related to supporting students to learn well.  CLICK HERE TO HEAR ALL EPISODES.

The best part? 

All these services and resources are available under one roof, making it convenient and easy for you to access the support your child needs. We have carefully curated a team of experts who are passionate about education and committed to positively impacting your student’s life.

Join us at Evolved Education Company, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your child’s success is our top priority, and we look forward to partnering with you to create a bright and promising future for your student. Together, we will nurture a love for learning and set them up for lifelong success.

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2023-24 Edition

What You Need to Know to Support Your School-Aged Child.

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