College Starter Series




Work with Mary Miele, Certified College Counselor and British Council Agent
Charting a Course for the Student’s Successful Navigation of their College Process

What you will have by the end of this service:

  • An understanding of the college application landscape and timelines
  • A snapshot of your child’s learning profile and career interests
  • A preliminary list of colleges that are best-fits for your child and plans for extracurricular and summer activities
  • Your customized path from this point to the application season

The college landscape can be overwhelming; even if you already know about it, your child may still need to! Mary has created an overview to allow your family to understand the key pieces of information in an efficient format.

Understand your child’s ideal college placement:
During these sessions, your child will take the Mindprint Learning, 16 Personalities and Career Lift-Off Assessments in order to determine your child’s learning profile and career interests. Your child will speak with a counselor about these results and the results of these assessments will inform your school list creation.

Begin curating your college journey:
Through your answers to key questions about your college hopes and expectations, along with the submission of your child’s grades and relevant experiences, you will provide the information Mary needs to curate your college journey.

Meet with Mary to workshop college choices:
Mary will take time to review the assessment and intake information. She will customize this consultation to ensure you have a meaningful two-hour session during which you will create (1) your preliminary school list, (2) school visit plans, (3) extracurricular activity & summer plans, as well as answer any remaining questions you may have about the process.

Follow Up:
You will receive information about your school list and process in a series of emails custom prepared for you and your child. In this information, you will learn about recruiting tips, scholarships, the social life at the school, the most common majors, and any unique offerings such as exchanges with affiliated colleges, internship programs, or studying abroad, and more!