6-12 Months Before Test Date:

  • Research Test Requirements: Understand the testing requirements of the schools to which you plan to apply and determine whether you need to take the SSAT or ISEE.
  • Determine if you need any testing accommodations and get those organized. Create an appointment with Becky Reback: becky@evolveded.com to review this and your testing process. 

4-6 Months Before Test Date:

  • Take a Mock Test: Determine where your areas of strength and challenge lie. 

  • Take a Mindprint Learning Assessment and Debrief with Becky Reback: Learn about your brain and how to study using your strengths!

  • Create a Study Schedule: Develop a structured study plan that allocates time for each section of the test, focusing on areas where you need the most improvement.

  • Gather Study Materials: Acquire study guides, practice tests, and other resources to aid in your preparation. Consider enrolling in test prep courses or hiring a tutor if necessary.

2-3 Months Before Test Date:

  • Take Additional Mock Tests: Start taking full-length practice tests under timed conditions to simulate the test-day experience and identify areas of strength and weakness.

  • Focus on Areas of Challenge: Dedicate extra time to improving your performance in areas where you struggle, whether it’s vocabulary, math concepts, or reading comprehension.

1 Month Before Test Date:

  • Fine-Tune Strategies: Refine your test-taking strategies, including time management, process of elimination, and prioritizing questions based on difficulty.

  • Review Content: Spend time reviewing key concepts and vocabulary to ensure readiness for test day.

1-2 Weeks Before Test Date:

  • Final Review: Conduct a comprehensive review of all test content and strategies, focusing on reinforcing your strengths and shoring up any remaining weaknesses.

  • Practice Relaxation Techniques: Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization to manage test anxiety and promote a calm mindset.

1 Day Before Test Date:

  • Rest and Relax: Avoid cramming or intensive studying the day before the test. Instead, engage in activities that promote relaxation and stress relief, such as light exercise or spending time with family and friends.

  • Prepare Materials: Gather all necessary materials for test day, including admission tickets, identification, pencils, and snacks. Visualize your route to the test center or location. 

Test Day:

  • Arrive Early: Plan to arrive at the test center early to allow time for check-in procedures and to settle any nerves.

  • Stay Positive: Maintain a positive attitude and confidence in your preparation as you tackle each section of the test.

  • Pace Yourself: Pace yourself throughout the exam, allocating time wisely to ensure you complete each section within the allotted time limits.

After the Test:

  • Reflect on Performance: Take time to reflect on your performance, identifying areas of success and areas for improvement.

  • Consider Retakes: If you’re not satisfied with your scores, consider retaking the test after further preparation and practice.

  • Submit Scores: Send your scores to the schools to which you’re applying, ensuring compliance with their admissions deadlines and requirements.

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