Motherhood, A Journey of Love and Figuring it Out

Hello there, fellow moms, and all those who have embarked on this wild ride called motherhood! As Mother’s Day rolls around, I can’t help but reflect on what being a mom in 2024 means to me, especially considering the unique journey each of us walks. It’s like we’re all handed this puzzle with no instructions, and we’re expected to figure it out as we go along. But you know what? That’s the beauty of it.

EP #57 – Ten Years: Q and A with our Founder Mary Miele

Join Mary Miele as she celebrates ten years of Evolved Education Company supporting students from nursery school through college to learn well. Clients ask questions and Mary provides answers – a perfect gift to all who listen to Be Evolved!

A Framework to Find Out If A School Offers The Support Your Child Needs

As a parent, you want the best for your child’s education, especially when they have unique needs such as ADHD, writing challenges, anxiety, reading and comprehension difficulties, giftedness, occupational therapy (OT) challenges, separation anxiety, or language-based learning disabilities. You may find yourself asking questions like, “How does this school support my child?” or “What can this school do for my child’s specific needs?” In response to these important questions, I have developed a framework to guide you in understanding and advocating for your child’s educational support.

Key Words for Schools Defined

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