When your child is having an issue, there is no one else you’d rather have in your child’s corner than Evolved Education Company.

Reading Remediation

  • If your child is struggling with decoding, fluency, or comprehension, Evolved Education Company has the programs as well as the experts who can fill in the gaps and allow your child to progress.

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Math Remediation

  • Using evidence-based approaches as well as creative ways to make meaning with math, we develop mathematicians even when challenges arise.

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Writing Remediation

  • Writing is a complex endeavor and we specialize in unpacking the process in order to remediate the aspects of the process that will help a student to write and share their voice and ideas.

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Executive Functioning

  • Depending on what areas of executive functioning your child needs to boost, we provide customized strategies, routines, and accountability to ensure they make progress.

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Did you know? In addition to tutoring, we also offer Special Education Advocacy and Support for Parents…

Special Education Support Session

  • Book a 1-1 session in order to talk through what is happening with your child. We’ll help you process, gain knowledge, and access resources. Following the session, you will feel supported and armed with a strong action plan.

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