EP #36: The Writing Revolution and Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)

Mary Miele speaking

Learn from trained educators, Becky Reback and Jane Moskowitz, as they break down these commonly used approaches to teach writing in K-12 settings Becky and Jane explain what the programs entail, what the research tells us about them, and how they might help your child to learn to write effectively!

Becky Reback has a Master’s Degree in Childhood General and Special Education Grades 1-6 focus on Learning Disabilities) and  Early Childhood Special Education Birth-Grade 2 (focus on Gifted and Talented), and she is trained in The Writing Revolution. Find out more about Becky’s work at www.evolvededucationcompany.com.

Jane Moskowitz has a Master’s Degree in Literacy and Childhood General Education and she is trained in SRSD. Find out more about Jane’s work at: https://www.moskowitzed.com/.

Learn more about The Writing’s Revolution at: https://www.thewritingrevolution.org/

Learn more about SRSD at: https://www.thinksrsd.com/

Becky and Jane are not formal representatives of either The Writing Revolution or ThinkSRSD. They share their training, knowledge, experience, and perspectives with our audience.

Download a transcript here.