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In October 2022, researchers from Harvard and Stanford came together to evaluate the learning loss experienced by students during the pandemic.

The Education Recovery Scorecard found that on average, students lost 53% of their math and 23% of their reading achievement growth, which means in the winter of 2022, as winter break begins, many students are behind.

Take with that a fall during which many students are now experiencing common illnesses for the first time in a long time; missed school days add to the learning loss students are experiencing.

Parents can be aware of learning loss and take a few steps to plan their break to avoid any further regression.

Evolved recommends taking these steps to break planning:

1) Evaluate your child’s need for ongoing tutoring or remediation during any school break by talking with your child’s teacher.

Tutoring may include academics, but it can also include social, emotional and adaptive behavioral training and executive function skill building. Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, taught by Evolved’s Becky Reback, can improve the parenting experience and address their child’s lagging skills.

2) Create a plan for your break that involves providing structure to unstructured time. Use our workbook as a fun, engaging way to do this. Watch this video to learn how to use the workbook.

3) Spend time during a break from school learning in ways that are unique to your child and family. Use this time to bond with your child within a learning activity such as completing a puzzle, reading a book, solving a crossword puzzle, creating art. Learn along with your child to connect, form empathy, communicate and build skills.

To learn more about how our team at Evolved Education can support your child and family, apply to have a conversation with us.

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