A letter of interest is a letter that states your interest in the school at the completion of your application process. The following is a Framework for writing this letter as well as some Frequently Asked Questions. 


“Dear [person you have been in touch with at the school or the head of the admissions department],”

“At this point in the process/as we complete the application process with you…”

“We wish to thank you for all you and your colleagues have done to give us insight into your school.”

[In order, talk about the events you have attended and your connection with them. When possible, relate what you learned to your child.]

“Ultimately/Conclusively… Your school is what we are looking for in a K-8/K-12 education for our child. We love the …. We could see our child thriving at your school.”

“And, as we complete this process over the course of the past few months, we wish to share our profound and steadfast interest in having our child attend your school.”

“Should you have any questions about our child’s application, please do not hesitate to be in touch.”

Warmest regards,


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I send a letter of interest to every school which I have applied to?

A: That depends on your circumstances and the school which you are applying to. Sometimes, it is important to differentiate your interests. Some schools do not wish to receive these letters, so you can always ask the admissions office how they would like you to express your interest and consider that. The true answer to this question requires 1-1 knowledge of your circumstances and an overall review of your process. 


Q: How much will this letter of interest impact my child’s decision?

A: This is difficult to measure. Application decisions are based on qualitative and quantitative data, varying from school to school. We know that any admissions process requires parents and students to be interested and engaged. Schools can’t read applicants’ minds, so it is helpful for them to know through your engagement during the process that you are interested in their school. The letter of interest can be an excellent way to summarize that engagement and be sure that the applicant has expressed a clear interest. 


Q: What if I don’t send a letter of interest to a school, does that mean that they won’t admit my child? 

A: No, admissions decisions are not made on a sole data point or a letter of interest. 


Q: What does it mean if my school director wants me to only send a letter of interest to my top three schools? 

A: This is based on an ISAAGNY guideline where families can express interest in their top three schools, and their admissions counselor can share that a school is in the “top three” with schools where the child is applying. It is essential to follow your director’s advice and/or be in communication about how you are writing to schools because your director or counselor is working in partnership with you. 


Q: What if my child is applying to middle or high school? Do they also write a letter of interest? 

A: Yes, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to speak with the school in their voice. It does not have to be a long note. Still, it would contain a thank you for their participation in the application process, a comment about how at this point in the process what they have learned about the school, and what they have learned is what they want to experience in middle or high school. An invitation to contact them if any further information is needed. 


Q: Can letters of interest be emailed or hand written?

A: Since most admissions departments are working on computers, it is helpful to email these letters, but you can also feel free to check directly with the admissions offices and ask how they would like to receive these letters. 

Should you wish to have help with these letters or receive advice regarding strategy, please contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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