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Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Selecting the best school for your child depends on your family’s values, educational goals, and the needs of your child. Here are a few considerations:

  • Academic Excellence and Diversity: If you’re looking for rigorous academics and a school-specific community, a private independent school could be the best fit.
  • Religious and Moral Education: If integrating faith and academics is important to you, a Catholic school might be the right choice.
  • Holistic Development: If you value a holistic approach to education that nurtures creativity and practical skills, consider a Steiner school.


Each type of school offers unique benefits and opportunities. By understanding these differences, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your child’s needs and your family’s educational philosophy.

Private Independent Schools

Educational Philosophy and Curriculum Private independent schools in NYC are known for their diverse and rigorous academic programs. These schools are not bound by state education mandates, allowing them to create innovative and specialized curricula tailored to their educational philosophies. They often offer a broad range of subjects, including advanced science and technology courses, humanities, and languages.

Atmosphere and Community Private independent schools typically foster a specific school community.  Class sizes are often smaller, allowing for personalized attention and close teacher-student relationships.

Academic Rigor and Extracurriculars The academic rigor in private independent schools is often very high, with many offering International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, AP courses, and other advanced study options which extend beyond AP or IB offerings. Extracurricular activities are abundant and varied, ranging from sports teams and music ensembles to robotics clubs and debate teams. These schools also provide extensive college counseling services, preparing students for admission to top universities.

Link to NYSAIS to Find Schools.


Catholic Schools

Educational Philosophy and Curriculum Catholic schools in NYC are rooted in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Their curriculum integrates faith and academics, emphasizing moral and ethical development alongside traditional subjects. Students receive instruction in religious education, which includes the study of the Bible, Catholic doctrine, and the history of the Church.

Atmosphere and Community Catholic schools often foster a strong sense of community and discipline. They aim to instill values such as compassion, respect, and service to others. Many Catholic schools require students to wear uniforms, which promotes a sense of unity and minimizes distractions.

Academic Rigor and Extracurriculars While maintaining a focus on religious education, Catholic schools also prioritize academic excellence. In NYC, you have many options for various levels of academic rigor in Catholic schools such as at Academy of St. Joseph’s, St. Josephs School, and Saint Ignatius Loyola Grammar School. 

Link to NY Catholic Archdiocese to Find Schools.


Steiner Schools

Educational Philosophy and Curriculum Steiner schools, also known as Waldorf schools, follow the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. This approach emphasizes holistic development, integrating academic, artistic, and practical skills. The curriculum is designed to cater to the developmental stages of children, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Atmosphere and Community The atmosphere in Steiner schools is often nurturing and supportive, focusing on the child’s overall well-being. Classrooms are designed to be warm and aesthetically pleasing, creating an environment conducive to learning. Steiner schools encourage strong bonds between teachers and students, at times with the same teacher staying with a class for several years.

Academic Rigor and Extracurriculars Academic instruction in Steiner schools is intertwined with artistic activities such as painting, music, and drama. Practical skills, such as gardening and handcrafts, are also integral parts of the curriculum. While the academic rigor may differ from traditional schools, Steiner schools aim to cultivate a lifelong love of learning and independent thinking.

Link to Steiner Schools to Learn More.


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