In the world of college consulting, students approaching the fall of Senior year fill out something called a Brag sheet. This sheet allows the college counselor to have details to include in their important letter of recommendation.

Most students we work with prefer not to brag about themselves. Often this is out of fear of what others will do to them when they do brag. Socially, kids can be shamed, create rivals, and/or miss opportunities from kids when they brag. Thus, it is important to explain to students the purpose and the confidentiality of this document. Students might need to reframe the Brag sheet to mean:

The Brag Sheet is a confidential document that explains your activities and how you’ve operated as a student. It is used by your school-based college counselor. They will use what you provide to write a detailed letter of recommendation for you. This letter will help get you into college.

At EEC, our college consulting program works with students early on to be mindful about choosing activities and approaches that serve a student well for their best-fit schools and higher education programs.

If you have questions about your child’s brag sheet, please apply today to become our client.




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