Inevitably during the course of a child’s career as a pre-nursery through college student, something is bound to become a challenge – and this is what you should do about it.

  1. Attend to it. Ask your child about their experience. Ask your child’s teacher. Gain perspectives from related professionals. Do not avoid or ignore issues your child has in learning.

  2. Challenges require tools to overcome them. You may not know all of these tools, but if you ask professionals, you can learn. You might need to assess your child with a neuropsychologist, learning specialist, or therapist to understand the underlying issues which cause challenges.

  3. The best tools lie in a combination of evidence-based practices and student strengths. Find an educator who knows about both – here’s a great question to ask: What is happening in the field now that is working and how can my child access that?

  4. Therapies and interventions are key to student success as a learner. The earlier we get to student’s brains and help them to connect effective neuropathways the better – when students need OT, SL, PT or academic remediation the consistent therapies provide students with the ability to better regulate, gain language, build motor skills, and strengthen executive functioning.

  5. Rely on various perspectives to build your understanding of how to ensure your child learns well. Various perspectives in the education field can support your child to learn well. A good analogy for education is medicine – a general practitioner or educator is not always knowledgeable about each and every specialty available in the field. Gaining perspectives from various experts in the field allows you to access what is possible for your learner.

  6. “Work and see” instead of “Wait and see”.  “Work and see” once you fully understand the issue and the plan –  unpack the student’s learning experience holistically and in collaboration with experts, then put a meaningful plan in place and “work and see”.


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