What Do We Do At EEC?

Our Mission is to Ensure the Whole Child Learns Well. We partner with students, parents, tutors, school consultants, teachers, schools and organizations to further this important mission.

We Offer Services for Students and Parents

1-1 Tutoring

Test Preparation, Subject Area, Specialized Tutoring Delivered by Educators with Expertise in Teaching and Learning

1-1 Parent Consulting

Form an Education Plan for your Child, Learn About Their Schooling Options, or to Build Tools Within a Topic in Education

School Placement Consulting Nursery-College

Create a Best-Fit School List, Have Support During the Application Process, Prepare Your Student & Write About Them

Save Time, Learn Efficiently, Gain Admits to Desired Schools

Parents Learn With Us


We offer a series of e-books related to the services we provide. Download your copy today to learn about private school admissions, tutoring, preparation for kindergarten admissions or special education. 


The Evolved Education Podcast is hosted by our founder, Mary Miele. On the podcast she discusses topics related to parenting school-aged children such as studying, regulating, reading, and getting into college. Resources, ideas, guest speakers and strategies evolve parenting school-aged children for all who listen.


We Create and Share Innovative Strategies

Instagram Feed & You Tube Channel

We populate our Instagram feed with innovative ideas for parents and learners. We share content on You Tube related to tutoring and consulting from Nursery through College. 

Blog & Newsletter

Each quarter, our founder, Mary Miele, produces an article. She shares our newest ideas and strategies related to learning.

Team Meetings

Each week our teams meet to hone skills and improve our work with families. We study evidence-based approaches and evolve the ways we work. The minds of our entire team influence each child’s services. 

We Train Tutors

Evolved Education Tutor Training Program

Our Proprietary Tutor Training Program, developed by Mary Miele, is informed by Evolved Education Tutors. 

Teaching Specific Concepts and Skills

Tutors learn strategies and tools to enable them to form professional relationships, assess, instruct, communicate and problem solve within the tutoring role. 

On the Job Training

We know that tutors learn on the job. The EEC Tutor Training Program supports tutors to learn over time and as they teach students. 

Certification and On-Going Study

Tutors have the option to become certified with EEC. They can participate in quarterly study sessions to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of tutoring and student support. 

We Work with Schools and Organizations


We Provide Professional Development

We offer professional development to teachers in schools within areas of student assessment, parent education and relationships, home-school connection, special education and remediation.

Parent Education

Our educators offer parent education workshops to help them to navigate school admissions and transitions, student support options, and information about special education. 

Student Programming

Working directly with students, we offer remediation, assessment, pre-application skills, school placement advisement, and more!

We are Ever Evolving

We Welcome Feedback

Our company is not the same today as it was at the start. Nor will it remain as it is today, tomorrow. We are dedicated to the constant improvement of our tutoring, 1-1 parent education and school placement work. We WELCOME feedback from our clients and use it to improve the way we work. 

Your Investment Matters

Investing in services and courses at Evolved Education Company pays dividends to your future learning experiences as a student or a parent of a student – and this is what we work to ensure. 

Student First

At the heart of all that we do is the student. The person in the learning seat. Sometimes that is a child or a teenager, and other times that is a mom, a dad or a guardian. We aim to serve that learner and to deliver to them an exceptional experience. 

Join Us!

We invite you to ‘be evolved’ with us!