The Mindprint Learning Assessment gives parents and educators a window into how each student learns. This assessment is a valuable tool that provides us, as educators, and you, as parents, insight into your child’s unique learning style. Evolved Education Company educators use the results of this assessment in order to customize their instruction to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of student outcomes.

Benefits of Mindprint Assessment include:

Self-paced assessment
Takes 45 minutes to one hour

Developed by scientists
Scientists at Penn Medicine with a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health

Tests ten cognitive skills
Examines skills related to academic success and standardized tests

Mock Testing

Mock tests provide tutors, students, and parents with information. We learn about academic aptitude, testing abilities, stamina, pacing, and gain a writing sample, when applicable. The results will inform an Evolved Education Tutor’s instruction for the student’s standardized tests. Students take in-person mock testing for ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, SAT, and ACT. Locations are on UES, UWS, and in Bronxville, NY.

Benefits of mock testing include:

Easy registration.
We handle all registration details for you.

Fast results.
Results in two days, or expedited results next day (extra $50)

Results are sent directly to your tutor.  
Your tutor will receive the results the same day you do in order to apply that knowledge to their instruction.