Our education system has changed since you were in school, so why hasn’t the way you parent and support your child?

Whenever you need a guiding hand, Evolved Education Company is here to meet with you, hear what is going on and help you to navigate your way in the very best interest of your child.

Special Education Advocacy Sessions

Does your child have an issue that has presented and are you confused as to what you need to do about it?

Maybe your teacher is saying one thing and you feel something else. You talk with friends and family and it is hard to know what direction to go.

Our special education advocacy services help you to process, resource, and navigate your next steps. Book a 1-hour call with an Evolved Education Company Advocate and learn what you can do to support your child.

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Education Planning Sessions

Sometimes you want to talk through your school options for your child and family with someone who knows the landscape of schools in your area. Currently, we offer this service for the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas for Nursery through High School. To book this service, you must speak with our head of client services to create your agenda.

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Parent Coaching Sessions

It is not easy to parent and let’s be honest, the way that our parents parented is not the modern way. Our end game is to have a relationship with our child that is communicative and collaborative. This is why Evolved Education Company offers the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions parenting program.

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