Dear Potential Client,

We are so very happy to have you here! As you browse our SSAT Preparation information, we hope that you take notice of what makes us Evolved Education Company and how we would take great care of your child during this important test preparation process.

We are interested in exceeding expectations – so here is our response to a few of the ones we bet you have!

You want to study quickly!

Through the initial assessments that we offer you get to learn about your child’s brain and their initial scores. This information is used to ensure we deliver instruction with accuracy. The result is that we do not waste a minute!

You need to achieve results to gain admission to our top choice school.

While we cannot guarantee results, we can inform our instruction through mock testing that not only shares the end result scores but also how your child felt and experienced the exam. We review all mock tests with our students and continue to learn about them during the process.

You prefer to work with a tutor who is an expert in this test.

We’ll do that and raise you one more. Our tutors are super special because they know the test, test strategies, and how to teach children so that they can do their best on the test, but also so they learn how to take a standardized test at any time in their lives!

You hope to find a tutor who can work with your child through some learning differences or anxiety.

We’d Love to! Our specialty is taking those learning challenges and finding strength-based solutions. We have a huge toolbox of strategies to share with students who are neurodiverse to help them through these competitive standardized exams.

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