Navigating the special education landscape can be overwhelming and challenging for parents. Whether there are concerns about your child’s developmental or academic needs, you have received a full neuropsychological evaluation, or are preparing for an IEP meeting, our advisors are here to support caregivers through this process. Our advisors, who wrote the book on special education, spend time getting to know each unique situation and child’s need; as a result, they can help parents process and come up with an actionable, solution-finding plan to move forward. 


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What services do we provide?

  • Student Learning Inventory: Our Special Education Teachers conduct an inventory to understand the student’s academic history and skills, learning profile and experience, and social-emotional-physical development in school and at home.


  • Mindprint Learning Assessment: During this self-paced assessment, developed by Penn Medicine with a grant from the NIH, students go through a series of game-like tasks that measure the 10 cognitive skills that are predictors of academic success. Afterward, parents will debrief the results with the Head of Tutor Services and discuss a plan for support moving forward.


  • Academic Evaluation: We meet with your child to understand where they are developmentally and gain insight into their learning style. The assessment areas include reading, writing, math, and executive functioning, and can be tailored to your child’s individual needs. Prior to the assessment, we meet with parents to develop an understanding of their concerns and their child’s profile. Following the assessment, we meet with the parents to debrief the findings, provide resources, and create a plan moving forward.


  • Review of Neuropsychological Evaluation: Our advisors will read through and decipher the language of a neuropsychological evaluation. They will provide you with resources and a plan for moving forward. 


  • School List: After reviewing a neuropsych evaluation, our advisors work with you to create a list of schools that are the best fit for your child’s particular needs. 


  • Specialized Tutoring: In conjunction with your academic documents and the Mindprint Learning Assessment, our tutors are experts in meeting a child where they are and tailoring a program to fit their individual needs. The Head of Tutor Services matches students with the best-fit tutor based on their unique profile and provides ongoing support and guidance to tutors and parents. 


  • School Placement Advisement: We work with parents throughout the entire special education school placement process, including applications, review of documents, supplemental materials, and preparation for student and parent interviews. 


  • Collaboration with Schools: We build relationships with admissions directors at many schools to deeply understand admission requirements and advocate for your child throughout the process.


  • School Offers: We will work closely with you as you make decisions to be certain you are choosing the right school for your child for several years to come.


  • Streamlining Additional Services: If your child could benefit from tutoring or you have an additional parenting need, Evolved Education Company can streamline the process for you and connect you with one of our experienced tutors or advisors.

What are the service options available?

  • Student Evaluation, School Information, and Strategy
  • Reviewing and Completing Applications
  • Customize Your Support
  • Full Process


  • Aaron School
  • Bank Street Family Center
  • Churchill School
  • Community School
  • Eagle Hill School
  • Flex School
  • Forum School
  • The Gateway School
  • Gillian Brewer School
  • IDEAL School of Manhattan
  • The Lang School
  • The League School
  • Lewis School
  • Lowell School
  • Manhattan Children’s Center
  • Mary McDowell
  • Merricats Castle School
  • Park Avenue Early Learning Center
  • Parkside Center
  • Quad Preparatory School
  • Smith School
  • Stephen Gaynor School
  • Summit School
  • Rebecca School
  • Titus School
  • Tribecca Preparatory School
  • Vincent Smith School
  • West End Day School
  • Windward School
  • Winston Preparatory School