It’s sophomore year. You have finally adjusted to high school, gotten comfortable classes, campus, and responsibilities. Well don’t get too comfortable, it’s time to start thinking about college! 

Now I know what you’re thinking: it’s 3 years away, why do I have to start already? Well, my New York City teen, at this point you have been through at least one round of admissions, some of you two or three. The process takes time, so prep early and prep often. 

Never fear, we are here to help!

Whether you dream of the ivy-covered gothic structures at a private university or an ultra-modern campus on the California coast, you all must pass one of two tests; the ACT or the SAT. Luckily, you get a choice, so play to your strengths. 


Before you choose, answer the following questions with a yes or  no:


  1. I am the Flash at answering questions
  2. I am lost without a calculator in math.
  3. I am graph and data wizard
  4. My critical thinking skills are totally awesome.


If you answered yes to the above questions…..


The ACT is probably right for you!


If you answered no to the above questions….


The SAT is probably right for you!


Whichever category you fall into, take the time to take a practice test of both tests. All schools in the United States accept the ACT and the SAT, so it best to select the test that shows off your skills rather than doing the test with the perceived name. 


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Article by Spencer Moravek, tutor at Evolved Education