Mock Testing is a key component of test preparation. During my years spent in the pool as a competitive swimmer, we were often trained to swim “at pace” which means we would swim in the time we hoped to swim during an actual race. So if we hoped to swim 50 yards in 27 seconds, then we would practice that way. If we were not yet at our goal pace, we would work our way toward that pace by scaffolding our times – starting at 30 seconds per 50 yards and working our way down incrementally. This kind of training uniquely positioned a swimmer to meet goals when it mattered most. Similarly, our unique methodology in mock testing helps us to provide personalized instruction for test-taking.

For instance, there are many ways to approach test preparation. By taking a mock test, we can determine:

Does a student need to improve content knowledge?

  • Detailed reports and data provide us with a strong understanding of what a student knows
  • We may provide untimed tests to examine what a student knows
  • Our data can help us to prioritize what we need to teach a student

Is there a pacing issue?

  • We can time sections of the test to determine how a student is dealing with time
  • Students can practice timed sets of the test during tutoring sessions to help improve pacing

Is the student motivated to study and improve?

  • Mock test results can position a student for an effective study, which is highly motivating
  • When students see their results and know their goals, they can more clearly understand the purpose of studying and tutoring sessions

Does the student have enough stamina to focus, sit and perform for a longer standardized test?

  • We can monitor a student’s behavior during a test
  • We can provide strategies based on their needs
  • Scaffolds can be provided to promote a student’s ability to focus

Is the student able to regulate during testing through anxiety or distraction?

  • Students can be encouraged to use strategies during mock testing
  • Metacognition – the student’s ability to understand their own learning – can be developed as we promote a student’s understanding of their regulation

Mock testing is not a one-sized fit all process. It is important to mock a test in order to inform instruction.

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