Evolved Live, An Experience for Educators


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Evolved Live: An Experience For Educators

Recording Description:

Join speakers Mary Miele, Kris Plachy, Brittany Deer, Jenny Aiello, Becky Reback and Lindsey Bernay as each of them provide educators with ideas and exercises to connect them with their magic and unique potential. 

The Benefit of This Recording:

Participants in Evolved Live have the ability to expand their way of thinking and the potential they can create by hearing from leaders in the life coach field and educators who have discovered what is possible when they lean into their calling and the joy of life’s work. 

Mary Miele – An education powerhouse. Mary gives you front row access to the secrets of her success. Learn how she created a million dollar business, driven by her love and passion for educators and tutoring.

Kris Plachy – One of the most sought after business and career coaches in the country teaches you how to ditch limiting beliefs, make more money, and find joy along the way. 

Brittany Deer – An impactful money mindset coach. Unpack your money beliefs and the evidence you use to support them. Create your intentional money mindset. 

Jenny Aiello – A life and business coach.  Jenny is a healer.  Get ready to connect with yourself in ways you always dreamed of doing.

Lindsey Bernay  – A celebrity and CEO stylist. Learn how to show up as the most perfect version of you. Expand to your greatest potential as you discover how to dress and live on purpose.

Becky Reback – Head of Assessment at Evolved Education Company. Shows you what is possible when you step into your curiosities and purpose.