Students entering middle, high school, and college are faced with a lot more responsibility in the application process as compared to younger entry points. To differing degrees, they are required to dialogue, express, think on their feet, and story-tell. 


After over a decade of working in various educational roles, I’ve seen how essential skills of metacognition, introspection, and social-emotional learning are to the many layers of the application process.  Inevitably, the candidates who consistently stand out in ANY admissions process are the ones who possess a strong sense of self coupled with the ability to articulate that wisdom. Years of interviewing and now preparing kids to engage in the process reveal the majority of middle school-aged kids struggle to answer questions such as, “tell me about a recent time where you were proud of yourself” or “what are some ways in which you connect with others?” 


Reciting prescribed responses or studying an anticipated set of questions is no longer an adequate method of preparation for students in today’s admission process.


Students need to prepare for this admission process BEFORE they are actively in it – that way, once they arrive at their student essays, interviews, and school choices, they’ve already learned how to access and articulate their values, sense of self, goals, learning styles, interpersonal strengths, meaningful experiences, etc.


The framework of this skill-building program comes from the desire to help kids feel like confident agents of their educational planning – to maximize self-efficacy, deepen their understanding of themselves as both learners and people, and empower them to take the onus of their middle, high school, or college process. It’s important for students to effectively learn how to both access and articulate important pieces of what makes them uniquely them. This introspective and story-telling skill-building requires appropriate pacing and a thoughtful approach, with the primary goal being to create safe spaces for students to engage in authentic self-exploration.


Each of our programs begins with a 15-minute call.

During this call, we hear from you and match our services to your needs. We can get started right away, or on your own timeline.

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Program Overview

  • 1:1 student: counselor style meetings; offered both virtual and in-person
    • The style of the sessions revolved around meaningful dialogue and mentorship
  • Ideally, a collection of sessions will take place before students begin deeply engaging in the admission process (particularly the interviewing and/or essay writing)
    • It’s recommended students engage in at least 10-15 sessions
  • Building metacognition, introspection, confidence, and self-awareness PRIOR to admissions season via a combination of:
    • Application of Ripple Journals through the “One Trusted Adult” curriculum
    • Writing & verbal articulation exercises in preparation for application essays & interviews


Here’s a recent discussion Randi had with our CEO about the Pre Application Skill Building program!