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After-school experiential learning

  • Ages 9-11
  • Ages 12-14
  • Ages 15-17


  • Math, English Language Arts, Science, History
  • Executive Functioning
  • Foreign Languages
  • Test Preparation

Transformative Learning Happens at Evolved Education

Creating opportunities for children to discover, grow, reevaluate, and overcome

Pairing clients with expert educators who deliver research-informed curriculum

Honoring all learning styles and leveraging student strengths

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Evolved Education is transformative learning in the heart of New Orleans.

After-School Small Groups

One to One Tutoring

After-School Experiential Learning

Robotics Workshop (12 Weeks)
Does your child love legos? Obsess over Minecraft? Then they’ll be excited to design, program, and build real, working robots! This group is ideal for blossoming builders: no previous coding or building knowledge needed!

Living Room Gardens (12 Weeks)
Kids love learning to grow their own healthy, delicious food while exploring the fascinating science of hydroponics. Your child can let their garden bloom at our learning lab or bring their work home to grow in the backyard or bedroom.

Coding 4 Kids (12 Weeks)
Using tools designed by the Scratch Foundation at MIT, students will learn to code awesome online games. No special computer skills required: any kid can learn to code with Evolved Education’s code4kids curriculum.

Fall Book Club: Stories from Beyond Planet Earth (12 Weeks)
Our book clubs make reading social and fun! Your child will explore the best short science fiction stories for young kids and teens, sparking their imagination and inspiring them to dream.

Writer’s Workshop: Imaginary Worlds (12 Weeks)
We explore the worldbuilding genius of writers like JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, and Madeleine L’Engle, inspiring kids to create their own imaginary worlds complete with maps, character cards, poems, and – of course – stories!