Ep #1: My Kid Hates Math: What Do We Do? – Part 1

A parent asks, “Mary, my kid is in third grade and already hates math. We are worried about how this will implode over time and make things difficult in the long run. What should we do?”

Mary reminds parents that they are not alone in this question. She lets them in on a way that she thinks about student problems that come to her: this is the Evolved Education Paradigm. Is this child struggling because of math, or are there other factors that are making math challenging – such as learning, social, emotional, physical development at home and/or at school. She suggests that parents can learn about this paradigm to understand their child’s experience.

Listen to the episode now:

The paradigm history is explored as Mary discusses how she and Deanna Hyslop created the paradigm in 2016. There is a worksheet that parents can use to list their child’s academic, learning, social, emotional and physical development at home and at school within the area of concern. We want to ask ourselves, “how is math going in each of these areas? Do I need to ask my student, the teacher, or learn more?”

Do you have a child who is understanding math and has mastery of skills? What learning abilities or skills does your child use when working in math? Is there anything going on socially or emotionally or physically that could be impacting learning? And finally, how does all of this – academic, learning, social, emotional and physical manifest at home and at school?

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