A unique opportunity from Evolved Education founder Mary Miele

Students in our modern time are engaging in all kinds of resistance and challenge when it comes to learning. They might have gaps in their academic aptitude and executive functioning due to the pandemic.They could have neurodiversity which requires remediation and accommodation. They are likely learning within classrooms and homes with little to no understanding of the modern approaches and resources available for students to learn well. 

A learning specialist is a special educator who has a set of skills within assessment, rapport, and teaching & learning and the ability to address all of the learning challenges aforementioned. You likely have these roles in your school right now. The demand for access to learning specialists and the services they offer is only increasing as students require access to these specialized skills. And, the potential to reframe the learning specialist department as one who ensures students learn well allows your school to use this department as a positive asset and resource for your school for students, faculty and staff, as well as families. The potential here is quite intriguing and ties into development and marketing capabilities that are likely beyond one’s your school has imagined. 

What I am offering during the 2022-2023 school year is an opportunity to elevate and capitalize on your learning specialty offerings within your school through our consulting and professional development program in a way that has not been previously explored or realized by any NYC-based private school. 

The way this works:

  • We meet with you for a complimentary meeting to explain our vision for learning speciality departments in NYC-based Independent Schools. You have a listen to this presentation and then decide if you want to take the next steps. 

If you wish to proceed with our services:  

  • We meet with you and create a customized vision and goals for your learning specialist department at your school.
  • We create a customized plan and roadmap to actualize those goals

Should you wish to speak with me about this program offer, please email me at mary@evolveded.com