So much has changed in just a short week. And, certainly, during the upcoming month, we all will be living life differently. Whatever your situation is – a temporary relocation, social distancing or quarantine, illness or the threat of it, and/or work at home for you and/or your kids- this is a new experience for all of us. And yet, despite all of the changes, some things, important things, remain the same (and this is a good thing). Kids especially need to have consistency, routine and structure. (I would argue we do too!) They also benefit from setting goals and working toward them, having options in how they spend their time, and having perspective during times like these. In the weeks to come, I’ll be posting more to support our families as they navigate these new experiences. Feel free to send me questions you have.

In addition, feel free to download our free PDF “How to Be” document and use the tools and ideas to help you navigate these days at home with your children.

Evolved is here to support you and your family at any time.