Full List of Services, Resources, and Methods

We are excited to offer a comprehensive suite of services, resources and methods to ensure students learn well.

Updated 1.2024


Our company is committed to offering a diverse range of services and resources to support parents, students, and educators on their educational journey. Our evidence-based, tailored approaches ensure your child realizes our core mission: to facilitate effective learning. Whether you require assessments, tutoring, school placement, college counseling, or educational consulting, we are here to guide you at every stage. Additionally, our complimentary and purchasable resources are designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful education. At Evolved Education Company, we recognize the uniqueness of each student, and our support is always personalized accordingly.




  • Academic Assessment (all ages)
  • Cognitive Assessment (8+)
  • Social Emotional Assessment (all ages)
  • Executive Functioning Assessment (8+)
  • College Assessment (6th grade and up)
  • Admissions Assessment & Mock Testing (all ages, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, SAT and ACT)
Lead Contact: Becky Reback 


  • Subject Area Tutoring (all subjects, all schools, all ages)
  • Test Preparation (TACHS, HSPT, Regents, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, SAT, and ACT, all learning styles, all ages)
  • Special Education Tutoring (Orton Gillingham Tutoring, Multi-sensory Math, and SRSD & Writing Revolution, Kindergarten+)
  • Integrated Executive Function Coaching (ages 8+)
  • Tutor Training
  • Integrated EF Coach Training
  • Remote and In-Person Tutoring is Available
  • All services are provided by trained and veteran educators and specialists
  • Caring for the student’s total education process is actualized with our tutoring and test preparation services
Lead Contact: Amy Nathan

Education Consulting

School Placement N-12

  • Private and Public School Placement (Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, all ages)
  • Boarding School Placement (all ages)
  • Special Education School Placement (all ages and locations)

Lead Contacts:

Becky Reback, co-head of SPA and N-12 public/private/special education school placement advisor

Caitlin Hasson, co-head of SPA and Nursery and Kindergarten public/private school placement advisor

Sophie Roberts, Middle School school placement advisor, with NYC, Westchester, Riverdale and Brookyn specific expertise

Stacey Duchak, Middle School school placement advisor, with NYC & New Jersey specific expertise

Randi Dumont, High School & Boarding School school placement advisor

Liza Steele, Nursery-Middle School school placement advisor, specializing in G & T and international boarding placements

College Counseling

  • Assessment for College Admissions
  • Essay Writing Support
  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Student Learning Services Guidance
  • Financial Aid Resources
  • Counseling

Lead Contacts:

Mary Miele, College Counselor & Agent in British Council

Avram Scheslinger, Contracted College Counselor

Parent Education

  • Bespoke Therapeutic Resource Placement and Integration of Service Communication Support (all ages)
  • Guidance for In-School Issues or Problems (all ages)
  • Collaborative and Proactive Solution Training (all ages)
  • Parent Education (all ages)
  • Parent Speaking Engagements 

Lead Contacts: 

Mary Miele, Head of Education Consulting & Evolved Professional Development

Meredith Bluestine, Parent Educator & Therapeutic Resource Specialist

 Professional Development
  • Special Education 
  • Integrated Executive Functioning
  • Education Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship 

Lead Contacts: 

Mary Miele, Head of Education Consulting & Evolved Professional Development

School Partnerships
  • Integrated EF Coaching
  • Social-Emotional Support Programs
  • Student Learning Center 
  • Parent Education & Partnership

Lead Contacts: 

Mary Miele, Head of Education Consulting & Evolved Professional Development



Free Resources (Learn)

  • Monthly Podcast “Be Evolved” (knowledge + action for evolving parenting and educating of a school-aged child)
  • Blog Posts (outlining ways to support your student)
  • Videos (guiding through common educational milestones and activities)

For Sale (Shop)

  • Books on modern educational topics 
  • Courses for parents, students, and educators
  • Events hat teach parents and educators how to support their school-aged children, some events may be free



A student’s educational journey, encompassing learning both at home and school, is a top priority at Evolved Education Company. 

We recognize that there are moments when we must strategize for additional support at home to ensure a student’s readiness for school-based learning. Conversely, there are instances where a school program may not fully encompass a student’s learning needs, prompting us to implement supplementary measures during their time at home. Our approach to the complete educational process considers both the home and school environments, aiming to maximize the student’s educational experience.


A successful tutoring session demands a robust assessment process, adept planning capabilities, and a diverse range of instructional skills that align with the ever-evolving learning style and assignments of the student. At Evolved, our tutors are equipped with the opportunity for comprehensive training, professional and mindset development, and continuous guidance from our Head of Tutoring, Amy Nathan. Frequently, our tutors engage in discussions with Amy to strategize and enhance each student’s learning experience. While a student may interact with a single tutor during a session, it’s important to note that this tutor is backed by a supportive community, ensuring that they stay updated with the latest research, skills, and approaches in the field of education.


Effective school placement takes into account a student’s specific learning requirements, identifies a tailored list of suitable schools, develops a strategic application approach, and provides support throughout the application process. Our highly experienced and collaborative team of school placement advisors are dedicated professionals with expertise in assessment, data synthesis, school selection, strategic planning, and task management. They possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of this competitive and complex process, and they offer customized support to families through various means. This framework provides a comprehensive approach to our school placement work from nursery school through college. 

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