Lately, I have noticed some changes in the teenagers we tutor.

They may be sad.

They may be tired.

They may be lacking motivation.

They may be retreating into themselves.

Let’s provide them with access to tips they can enact to have a healthy time during the challenges of quarantine.

Our connections as tutors matter more than ever right now. You might consider:

  • Beginning each lesson with an extended – “How are you?”
  • Ask further probing questions to gather a sense of the student’s full experience
  • Be a scientist – observe, gather data, hold off on making judgments
  • Have check-ins with your student’s parents to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your student’s experience
  • Use how you know your student to suggest activities for students to do during their days or suggest what they can do to be well

Check out the video we created to support tutors who work with teenagers here.

Download the PDF Infographic “Tips for The Teenagers“.