Raising a school-aged child is not easy.

There is so much to learn about!

  • Educational concepts
  • Curriculum
  • School policies

Additionally, your unique child presents uniquely and you need to learn about them too!

  • Brains
  • Temperament
  • Strengths
  • Challenges

All influence their learning experience!

Families benefit from learning together.

With the guidance of a learning specialist, experienced teacher, and parent who offers your family time to process your experience and offer resources and strategies you can take right away and implement – improving your child’s ability to learn.

We offer a series of consultations with you and your child to work through an education-related issue.

  • When Your Child Will Start a New School – we work with your child and with you to build tools and new routines to handle these important transitions.
  • Understanding the Landscape of Schools in Your Area – we specialize in NYC, but also teach about options in various areas throughout the US and Globally
  • Implementing Recommendations from a Neuropsychological Education Evaluation – we help you to prioritize and resource the suggestions you have uncovered with your child’s evaluation
  • Academic Coaching to Prepare for High School or College – in this series, we work with your child and family to ensure your child has tools to manage increased independence within their specific educational program

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