Evolved Education Company Integrated Executive Function Coaching

Executive functioning affects all areas of a student’s learning life.

Cognitive flexibility, working memory, and inhibition/attention are executive functioning. Students use these functions to execute all learning processes in school, at home, on the sports field, and in the art studio.

Evolved Education Company is at the forefront of coaching work with students. Our integrated method, created by our founder Mary Miele, is studied within the field by learning specialists, tutoring companies, and executive function coaches.

This approach simply put, provides an understanding of your child’s executive functioning, specific strategies integrated into what they need to accomplish as students, and a process that ensures improved functioning over time.

The Integrated Model of Executive Functioning is based on four pillars:

The model is informed by academic research pertaining to executive functioning and learning development.

We consider multiple areas of a student’s activity in order to assess and coach executive functioning (e.g. school, home, on the court, in the art studio).

Assessment is performed as a diagnostic, formative, and summative process to understand a student’s overall functioning and potential.

Strategies are taught that become skills, ultimately providing the fuel to improve overall executive functioning for our students.

We use the foundation of this model to work through a four-step process; however, this is tailored to your child’s needs:

Step 1: We assess your child. Using our 360 Assessment, we review completed assessments such as a neuropsychological evaluation, a Mindprint Learning Assessment, and report cards as well as conduct our own assessments using student and parent interviews and inventories.

Step 2: Goals and objectives are created. Using the assessments, your child’s executive functioning coach creates goals and objectives for the student. An initial plan is created and shared with the family.

Step 3: Implementation involves a collaboration with the student and coach in order to create strategies that will support them moving forward. All strategies we create are documented and reviewed. In this way, we ensure students remember to use their strategies.

Step 4: Evolution and maintenance occur when the initial goals have been accomplished. During this step, we solidify strategies and turn them into skills as students use them. We elevate executive functioning by evolving and growing their goals and objectives. Students reach more sophisticated levels of executive functioning.

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