Ep #2: My Kid Hates Math: What Do We Do? – Part 2

A parent asks, “Mary, my kid is in third grade and already hates math. We are worried about how this will implode over time and make things difficult in the long run. What should we do?”

In part 2 of this episode, Mary talks about the process of addressing an academic or learning problem. To start, she makes an objective for what the program will address, which has been uncovered by using the Evolved Education Paradigm (outlined in Episode 1).

Mary outlines common mistakes that are made when supporting students within areas of challenge:

The first mistake is that we do too much when we work with a student – our objective is actually many objectives. The second is that we emphasize direct attention to the area of challenge without delving into the creative opportunities for learning. The third is when we do not align our support to what is happening in school. The last would be that the student is not in the driver’s seat. We want students to be participants in their own learning.

Listen to the episode now:

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