Back to School with High School Students: An Interview with Dr. Ariel Kornblum | Ep #15

Back to school in Fall 2021 is an unprecedented time for high school students. Join Dr. Kronblum and Mary Miele to discover ways you can support your student during their transition from summer to school. Dr. Kornblum received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from The George Washington University, and completed her graduate degree at St. John’s University. Dr. Kornblum is the Clinical Director of Behavioral and Educational Services at MPG, as well as a child/adolescent psychologist and a former Assistant Director at Big Apple Day Program.

Mary and Dr. Kornblum go into greater detail about what parents anticipate for this fall and how we can best support our high school students. By acknowledging that none of us have ever experienced what they are experiencing with the start of this 2021-2022 school year, we give our kids a lot of grace. Mary and Dr. Kornblum talk about validating those feelings they may have of nervousness and fatigue and anxiety and the patience it will require. As parents, Mary and Dr. Kornblum talk about managing expectations, keeping lines of communication very open with your kid, and staying vulnerable with them.

Listen to the episode now:

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