CPS with Becky Reback

Becky Reback is a trained and certified provider of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. In addition, she is a Special Education Teacher and a Teacher for Gifted Children. Becky serves as Head of Tutoring and Parent Education Services here at Evolved Education Company.

Please join me to learn and be coached.

The Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model will strengthen your ability to communicate and problem-solve with your child or children.

“Kids do well if they can. Doing well is preferred” – Dr. Ross Greene, founder of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions.

What is included in this offer:

  • Six videos outlining the CPS Course
    • Welcome and an overview
    • What is CPS?
    • Six Key Themes
    • Why Does Challenging Behavior Occur?
    • How to Use Tools and Plans
    • Final Thoughts
  • Four 1-1 consultations with your family to help you to learn and implement the approach and tools.

Fee: $1860