College Consulting at Evolved Education Company

Step One: Discovery Sessions

During this time, your consultant will meet with you and unpack your desires for higher education and match that with your student. 

Many students begin in Middle School or Early High School.

Outline of Discovery Work

Learn about your goals for college for your child.
We meet with parents to understand education goals, history, and objectives for college placement work.

Develop a trusted partnership with your child.
During this meeting, we get to know your child and creates a relationship with them to allow us to guide and coach your child over the course of this advisory.

Creation of a school list and a strategic plan. 
We spend time drafting a best-fit school list and plan.

Meet to learn about schools and the plan. 
We meet with parents to share the school list and plan. There is plenty of time for Q and A.


Step Two: Monthly Meetings and Tasks

Each month, we meet with your child and with you in order to coach and move tasks forward. We also work for a bit of time offline on your tasks to ensure proper and customized guidance and management.  

Typically, families meet following the discovery period. 

Outline of Advisory Work

Student coaching and guidance
We develop a coach-like relationship with your child and facilitate strong academic, learning, social, emotional, and physical well-being especially as all of this contributes to the best outcomes in college placement and recruiting. Meetings are held twice a month for forty-five minutes.
Offline work to ensure customized support and tasks are completed.
We manage all tasks related to college application readiness and the organization of tasks. Each month he devotes forty-five minutes to this work just for your child.

Meeting with parents
Each month, parents meet with us to understand the progress made, to approve the next set of tasks, and to have time for Q and A. This meeting is forty-five minutes long, one time per month.


Families who use this service may freeze the monthly advisory up to four times annually. A freeze must take place according to the calendar – for instance, it can happen from December 1-December 31 but not December 15-January 15.

Additional Services

As part of a team at Evolved Education Company, our students have the ability to work with educational professionals as needed. 

Outline of Additional Services

Test Preparation Tutors
EEC’s SAT and ACT tutors are the best in the business. They tutor your child to meet goal scores. Mock testing and materials available.

Academic Coaches
When time management, studying, paper writing, self-care, and feedback management are a struggle, EEC’s academic coaches build tools and skills.

Writing Specialists
Writing specialists help students to craft captivating essays.

Subject Area Tutors
In order to maximize your GPA, EEC’s subject area tutors help students to move grades up and learn content well.

College Advisory for Students with Learning Disabilities
Students may work with Mary Miele who specializes in placing children with learning differences into college programs.

$275/hr – $465/hr