No doubt, this is a crazy time for parents everywhere.

My kids, like everyone’s, are busy online learning, fighting with each other, and dealing with boredom.

Today my husband was on a call, I was on a call and my one kid was on a call. The other two kids needed help. It was a mess. I was muting my call, helping, then unmuting. It was stressful and crazy.

As the clock struck 12pm, my son’s Zoom popped up and thank God his tutor appeared. She was like a gift from God – positive, encouraging, and happy to help!

I let out a sigh of relief – such relief – because I was off the hook and could go to concentrate on my conversation knowing my son was taken care of.

I was so inspired by this amazing gift, that I decided to share –

The 5 Reasons Our Son’s Tutor Rocks Right Now!

  1. Freshness – Yes, I’m the mom, so I’m SUPER stale right now. My kids are bored with me. The tutor comes in with a whole new delivery system. My kid listens right up!
  2. Positivity – The smile on the tutor’s face is contagious. My kid is suddenly smiling too.
  3. Entertainment – My kid loves connecting with this person. They are enamored!
  4. Skills – Let’s face it, I have no idea how to do this math -so grateful this tutor does!
  5. Break – Honestly, I just need a break – and one where I know my kid is getting fed properly brain-wise.


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