Evolved Education Company 360 Assessment

Presents a 360 Viewpoint of the Student’s Learning Profile and Provides a Roadmap for the Student to Learn Well.

What does the 360 assessment tell us?

This assessment brings together current data points in order to create a roadmap for a student to learn well.

It considers:

  • Expectations & Perspectives: curricular, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically
  • A Student’s Reports: report cards, neuropsychological evaluations (if applicable), resume
  • Cognitive Functioning: may include a student’s reasoning, executive functioning, memory, and speed as well as academic aptitude
  • Academic Aptitude: within key areas of curiosity
  • Skills and Strategies: for executive, academic-emotional-social-physical functioning

It develops:

  • An understanding of your child in this moment in time
  • A roadmap for them to learn well which involves customized ideas for at-home and in-school learning approaches
  • A celebration of who your child is within the sphere of their learning experience

What is involved in this assessment?

  1. Families complete a comprehensive inventory.
  2. Our learning specialist meets with the student for two sessions to conduct an interview, as well as targeted cognitive and academic assessments.
  3. A report which includes viewpoint and roadmap is created.
  4. Parents meet with us to review the results of this 360 Assessment.

What is the value of this assessment?

This assessment provides a 360-degree viewpoint on your child’s learning experience. With this information, we create a roadmap for a student to learn well.  This roadmap provides specific strategies students can use to create learning experiences that work best for them.

Who can Take the Assessment?

Students ages 8 and up.

What does the assessment cost?


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